Mission Statement

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of Neurodevelopmental Disorders with most significant deficit in social and communication skills and atypical challenging behaviors. The severity of impairment in different domains is variable. It is a combination of social deficits, cognitive function, language skills, non-verbal communication, sensory motor integration and impairment of behavior regulation.

Developmental function and progress in these children is highly influenced by age of diagnosis, appropriate therapeutic intervention, and neurological, environmental and genetic factors. We do not have adequate information on the specific etiology but it is clear that there is a genetic predisposition and multiple risk factors are identified.

Goals of Iraq Autism Intervention program are:
1. To promote awareness about symptoms of Autism in the community.
2. To promote Autism screening and early diagnosis.
3. To educate teachers and therapists about the intervention techniques to help the children develop at their potential.
4. To identify the children’s individual needs, provide them with appropriate therapeutic intervention and to improve their quality of their life.
5. To train families about the challenges of raising children with Autism.

Every child deserves the opportunity to develop at his potential.

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